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AMPR.ORG is the domain that is available for ham radio operators to register their AMPRNet network hosts, and for other ham radio related computer systems.

Domain names in AMPR.ORG are available to any licensed amateur radio operator who is interested in advancing the art of ham radio digital communications. In most countries, there is a local coordinator who is responsible for assigning an address and updating the master hosts list. There is no formal organization, no membership requirements, and no dues. All of the work is done by volunteers as they have time to do it. Note that an IP address must be associated with a domain name in AMPR.ORG in order for the main gateway at UCSD to pass packets to it.

If you are a ham who needs an address, contact your local coordinator. AMPR.ORG is not intended to be, and should not be used as, a substitute for buying a personal domain name. It's really there for ham radio use.

Updating the DNS zone

... TODO: write up on how to formulate a good update request to the local coordinator.

Contact your local coordinator to request an update of the zone. A list of coordinators can be found on the Portal: