Announcing your allocation directly

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To announce your allocation directly via your Internet Service Provider (ISP) you will need to:

NOTE: Direct announcements of AMPRNet address allocations are usually reserved for larger regional or country wide networks. Please consult with your regional allocation coordinator and the AMPRNet network administrator to determine whether directly announcing your AMPRNet allocation is appropriate.

  1. Obtain your AMPRNet allocation via the Portal.
  2. Contact your ISP and ask them if they are willing to agree to announce your AMPRNet allocation in accordance with the terms of the AMPRNet Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Agreement (specifically section 7b).
  3. Provide a WRITTEN copy of your agreement with your ISP to the AMPRNet administrator (again, see section 7b of the TOS & AUP).
  4. Upon verification and approval of the agreement, the AMPRNet administrator will provide WRITTEN authorization to your ISP allowing them to announce your allocation.

NOTE: How your ISP chooses to forward traffic for your AMPRNet allocation varies by ISP. You will have to work with them to set this up.