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About axMail-FAX - Drafted by N1URO

SMTP based mail

One of the more powerful utilities we have for services on packet radio and Amprnet is the ability to send/receive SMTP based mail but also the ability to send facsimiles 100% via RF. Unlike other SMTP based email client/server configs for packet, axMail-FAX is the perfect plugin module for URONode. axMail-FAX has the ability to let the end user do the following:

  • Send/receive SMTP mail
  • Send file attachments
  • Request Read receipts
  • Append to a message when accidentally attempting to send
  • Request server-to-server delivery receipts
  • Unkill/undelete mail before exiting the mailbox you may have flagged for deletion accidentally

With the plugin suite, you may also allow the ability to send/receive to any stationary or mobile client. I've designed the interface to be as simple as possible including displaying your email address within the prompt system. To send an SMTP based mail just hit S at the prompt. To list your mail enter L. To read a message R #, or if you wish to display full headers V #. You may kill multiple mail messages by using K # # # #, and check the status of them by using L to view the status of the message(s).

Sending a fax

Sending a fax is just as simple if your host has configured a fax server gateway. There are some available if you ask the sysop, or if you are a sysop you may ask in the amprnet email list. To send a fax, it's a matter of simply following the prompts. Unlike SMTP based mail however, instead of having To: or Subject: fields a fax requires:

  • Phone number
  • Destination person
  • Cover page

These are all provided within the header field. After typing SF to Send Fax, you enter in your header as FirstName or First_Lastname@########### brief message about fax here. If you need to pause dialing, you may insert a comma (,) for a pause to give the remote time to answer and/or to make a menu selection if you're dialing into a PBX system such as Asterisk. After entering in your header information, you will be prompted to enter your fax message. When finished enter a period "." or "/ex" on a blank line to send. You will be asked whether or not you wish to send/cancel/continue editing, just like when sending SMTP based mail via axMail-FAX. Depending on the fax server your sysop has configured, it may have the ability to send you a confirmation of receipt of your fax job, and also confirmation of delivery of your fax when it's sent. This may come in very handy along with the SMTP server-to-server receipts if you have the need to send communications to an EOC or to another point of emergency office such as a Red Cross. Your fax will be sent with a full cover page and also your fax message.

Getting the software

If you're interested in obtaining axMail-FAX, you may download it from Sourceforge. If you're looking to set up your own fax gateway rather than use an existing one - perhaps due to geographical location, please contact me directly and I'll share the needed information with you. axMail-FAX runs on the linux operating system and is designed to interface with HylaFax.

73 de N1URO