Installing ampr-ripd on a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter or EdgeRouter X

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These are the steps for setting up a fully functional AMPR gateway on Ubiquiti's EdgeRouter Light and EdgeRouter-X.

We start assuming you have a complete working and configured router, that already has internet access (a configured WAN port and a local LAN).

1 First add tunnel interface. You need to reserve an AMPR address from your AMPR subnet for the tunnel interface. If you have a /32 assignement, you need to use that one, else pick an unused address. Use the name 'tun44' for the tunnel, don't be creative since the script depends on this name.

- Config Tree -> add tun44 -> Update List

- tun44:

address: <your AMPR IP assigned to the router, see above>/32 (this MUST be /32, no matter what your allocation is)

description: AMPR GW

encapsulation: ipip

local-ip: <your WAN IP - ISP assigned or router's DMZ IP>

remote-ip: (this MUST be, no matter what)

- tun44 -> disabe-link-detect press + right of it to enable

- Press Preview ans Apply

If you prefer to do it by CLI:

ubnt@YO2LOJ-ER3:~$ configure ubnt@YO2LOJ-ER3:~$ set interfaces tunnel tun44 ubnt@YO2LOJ-ER3:~$ set interfaces tunnel tun44 local-ip <put the external ip> ubnt@YO2LOJ-ER3:~$ set interfaces tunnel tun44 remote-ip ubnt@YO2LOJ-ER3:~$ set interfaces tunnel tun44 encapsulation ipip ubnt@YO2LOJ-ER3:~$ set interfaces tunnel tun44 address <44net router ip>/32 ubnt@YO2LOJ-ER3:~$ set interfaces tunnel tun44 description "AMPR GW" ubnt@YO2LOJ-ER3:~$ set interfaces tunnel tun44 disable-link-detect ubnt@YO2LOJ-ER3:~$ commit; save

2. Download your packages from here (read this section to the end...):

Find the EdgeRouter setup package here: (mips64) For the EdgeRouterX setup use this one: (mipsel)

In short, get it, unpack on the router and run the script. Then edit your startup script if needed, and run it:

a. First, log in and become root:

Welcome to EdgeOS ubnt@YO2LOJ-ER3:~$ sudo su root@YO2LOJ-ER3:/home/ubnt# cd root@YO2LOJ-ER3:

b. Now download the correct package as described in the links above and unpack it:

root@YO2LOJ-ER3:~# curl -o er.tgz % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed 100 15532 100 15532 0 0 117k 0 -:-:- -:-:- -:-:- 174k

root@YO2LOJ-ER3:~# ls er.tgz

root@YO2LOJ-ER3:~# tar -xf er.tgz

c. install the package:

root@YO2LOJ-ER3:~# ./

d. edit the startup script to fit your needs. This is only needed if your router is behind NAT or you need to reject specific subnets. Edit only the -a options like below, don't touch the rest:

root@YO2LOJ-ER3:~# cd /etc root@YO2LOJ-ER3:/etc# vi

<press insert to start editing>


ampr-ripd -s -t 44 -i tun44 -m 90 -a,,, (adapt this list to your needs - commna separated, no spaces) ~ ~ ~ <press esc>:wq (to save and exit - yes, vi is strange)

e. Now run the startup script:

root@YO2LOJ-ER3:/etc# ./ (On router restart, this will happen automatically)

That should do it :-)


3. Optionally you can install a status page in the wizzard section.

Download here:

Marius, YO2LOJ