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Welcome to the AMPRNet Wiki.

Since its allocation to Amateur Radio in the mid-1980's, Internet network 44 (, known as the AMPRNet™, has been used by amateur radio operators to conduct scientific research and to experiment with digital communications over radio with a goal of advancing the state of the art of Amateur Radio networking, and to educate amateur radio operators in these techniques. -

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: MAY 2017 - Please be advised that the IP of AMPRGW will change in the near future, see the Services page for the new host address.

Starting points

  • Quickstart guide for getting onto the AMPRNet
  • Basic information about the AMPRNet and the domain
  • Services available on AMPRNet
  • If you are looking to get an IP allocation within the 44/8 AMPRNet please read the Portal page.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) FAQ

How to connect to AMPRNet

Mailing List

To keep up-to-date on AMPRNet information please consider joining the 44Net mailing list.


If you wish to contribute to the wiki, please send an email to wiki (at) introducing yourself. Please specify your full name, amateur radio callsign and your preferred username. A login will then be created for you.

Terms of Service

Use of address space is governed by these Terms of Service

All Pages

Here's a list of all pages currently on the AMPRNet Wiki