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We have developed a Portal that allows users of the AMPRNet address space to manage their allocations, configure gateway information and manage their entries in the ampr.org domain. The portal can be found here:


If you are looking to get an IP assignment within AMPRNet please register on the portal and place your request.


The main problem ARDC have is how to ensure the data we have is accurate and up to date.

With commercial services, it is easy to ascertain if the client does not want the services provided anymore, because they stop paying the invoices! With ARDC it is a little more difficult: members often lose interest and drift away to other amateur radio topics, or to other hobbies altogether. In the worst case scenario, members occasionally go SK. In either scenario, we are typically not advised that the member no longer requires the resources we have provided. So the method we use to gain this information is to require you to login to the Portal on a regular basis.

The Portal sends out a friendly reminder via email if you have not logged in for at least 6 months. Another reminder is sent out after 9 months of inactivity, a final notification of removal is sent out after 12 months of inactivity.

So you only need to login once every 12 months to avoid your account being removed, or once every 6 months to avoid the reminder emails. ARDC feel this is not too onerous and is a reasonable balance between keeping our records up to date and your time.


An Introduction to the Portal

  • Please note, this is an introduction to the new portal released on April 3rd, 2024.
  • If you already had an account on the old portal it has been migrated over, so there is no need to register for a new account.
  • If you believe you had an account on the old portal but experience difficulties logging into the new portal, please try the "Password Reset" option first.
  • If you are unable to login please use the "Contact" menu option on the new portal to reach out to us for assistance.