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Information about other AMPRNet gateways can now be received dynamically via modified RIPv2 advertisements. Previously, routes were obtained by creating a munge script that parsed Encap.txt.

RIP44 Daemons

Two programs are available for GNU/Linux to utilize these updates:


The RIP44 daemons have been tested and known to work on the following operating systems:

  • BSD
  • OpenWRT/LEDE
  • Raspbian
  • Slackware Linux
  • Ubuntu/Debian Linux
  • Vyatta/VyOS

Non-RIP44 Workarounds

The devices below do not possess a known, end-user method to install additional software (i.e. ampr-ripd). Operators have developed scripts to parse inbound routing packets to make them compatible for usage on AMPRNet:

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