Routing your allocation via BGP

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To announce your allocation directly via your Internet Service Provider (ISP) you will need to:

  1. Contact your ISP and ask them if they are willing to agree to announce your AMPRNet allocation in accordance with the terms of the AMPRNet Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Agreement (specifically section 7b).
  2. Provide a WRITTEN copy of your agreement with your ISP to the AMPRNet administrator.
  3. Upon verification of the agreement, the AMPRNet administrator will provide WRITTEN authorization to your ISP allowing them to announce your allocation.

Providers Supporting Customers Bringing IPv4 Blocks

Provider Name URL Region(s) IPv6 Block Add-Ons Info
Free Range Cloud Fremont/CA/US, Ashburn/VA/US Yes
Vultr 16 Worldwide Locations ?
Spartan Host Seattle/WA/US, Dallas, TX/US ?
Virtua Cloud Paris/Lille FR, Fremont US ? Requires Net-Block in ARIN IRR (AltDB/RadDB not accepted)
Aussie Broadband Australia Yes For an existing Aussie Broadband service with Static IP enabled, contact the Aussie Broadband Network Operations Team ( to confirm this is a no cost upgrade to your service. Their answer becomes the WRITTEN confirmation that the ISP will support a customer bringing an IPv4 Block.

Forward the LOA (Legitimacy of Address, also known as Letter of Authorization, Letter of Authority, etc.) with a request for assignment of a BGP private ASN to the Aussie Broadband Network Operations Team.

The customer facing and technical support staff for Aussie Broadband retail customers can not resolve BGP related issues. Lodge any problem dockets as a retail customer and if required request the problem be referred to the Network Operations Team.