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Maintainer Service Name URL/IP Service Type Description Other Information
AMPR Portal HTTPS manage Gateway, Encap.txt preferences and domain entries NONE
AMPR Website HTTP AMPRNet Main Page NONE
AMPR 44Net mailing list HTTP mailing list discussion NONE
AMPR AMPRNet Gateway (AMPRGW) IP and IPENCAP Tunnel main AMPRNet Router Gateway use IP Protocol 4 (IPENCAP) to receive traffic via AMPRGW. Allocation must be registered in the Portal
AMPR RIP44 provided via anycast from to all gateways registered in the portal Routing Information (modified RIPv2 protocol) distributed by main AMPRNet Router to multicast address you must run ampr-ripd or rip44d on your gateway
AMPR Encap.txt N/A Routing Information (EMAIL/FTP/HTTP) routing information for download file must be must be parsed by a self-developed munge script
Various Users DNS and Reverse DNS (

(These hosts maintain a copy of AMPR.ORG and/or the DNS Zones:)
(These hosts maintain a copy of AMPR.ORG and the DNS Zones. 44/8 hosts may use as recursive/Client DNS servers:)

DNS name resolution services zone files can be downloaded from
KB3VWG IP address lookup HTTP source IP checker NONE
KB3VWG Gateway (test) (information on Portal) IPENCAP AMPR Router AMPR Gateways Listed in the Portal can route traffic; traffic will operate via Network Address Translation
OH7LZB AMPRNet_VPN VPN OpenVPN-based You must have a X.509 certificate issued by ARRL Logbook of the World (LoTW). ARRL membership is not required.