Setting up a gateway on OpenWRT

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ampr-ripd has been compiled for Atheros 71xx



  • kmod-ipip
  • ip-full
  • ampr-ripd to /etc/config/ (always run RIP44 software in console mode FIRST after installation to verify execution and obtain the password, the execution of the file is commented-out below)
  • a bridge interface to tunl0 and a new VLAN, adding it to it's own firewall zone
  • a VLAN to any switch/trunk ports (as desired)
  • the following to Firewall > Custom Rules:
# (eth0.2 in this case is the Public-facing WAN (to allow IPENCAP traffic), read your OpenWRT hardware Wiki for your specific model 
ifconfig tunl0 mtu 1480 up
iptables -t filter -I INPUT -p 4 -i eth0.2 -j ACCEPT
# ./etc/config/ampr-ripd -p <PASSWORD> -t 44 -a <>
ip route add default dev tunl0 via <AMPRGW> onlink table 44
ip route add <> src <> dev <br-amprnet> table 44
ip route add src 192.168.x.x dev br-lan table 44
ip rule add to table 44 priority 44
ip rule add from table 44 priority 45
  • create any forwarding rules