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N1URO's ftp server: <br>
N1URO's ftp server: <br>
[ftp://ftp.n1uro.net/packet FTP]
[ftp://ftp.n1uro.net/packet FTP to N1URO]

N1URO's RMS config tips:<br>
N1URO's RMS config tips:<br>

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This page will contain other information about setting up a linux box for amprnet usage along with information for/about URONode with a link to axMail-FAX.

URONode is the only linux based node that's truly Software2000 compliant with no INP3 frames
to interfere or throw off qualities. It may speak a variety of protocols including:

Various add-ons for URONode such as a live interactive traceroute for end-users, Netrom Node
searching via full or partial callsign, CQ caller, and more. URONode uses the native protocol
stack available within the linux kernel system and is also available for the Raspberry Pi units.

Where to get URONode and plugins:

If you're using Fedora 20 or higher, URONode/axMail are natively available via the YUM repository
manager system. URONode is available at n1uro's FTP server (listed below) and at SourceForge. Both gzipped tarballs
and SubVersion (svn) repositories are available:
URONode on Sourceforge
axMail-FAX on Sourceforge

N1URO's secret on running amprnet behind a consumer NAT router without a DMZ
Amprnet on NAT can work!

N1URO's debugging of encap routing:
How to troubleshoot amprnet

N1URO's secret on creating /dev/pty?# <> /dev/tty?# can be found at:

N1URO's online forum for URONode et al:
N1URO's FUD Forum allow cert security exception

N1URO's ftp server:

N1URO's RMS config tips:

N1URO's linux configs explained:
Linux Config explained

N1URO's route config tool:
SaFE Config

More to come...